What is Ukash ?>

What is Ukash

What is Ukash? Ukash front is the Prepaid Card System, so you will receive your Ukash number of cash whether before, and you do this number when you shop so you do not share your credit card information with anyone you shop safely, you get rid of cash advances and high interest credit card.Example Ukash Number: 50 € 6337180110557892864There are 50 euros a luke card as seen above in our hands. Card Number: 6337180110557892864, Ukash value: 50

The payment of when shopping, we will ask the Ukash number we write our 19 digit Ukash number to place asking Ukash number will be asked ukash value lower tarafunda there in ukash few euro Our ukash card in the sample it, we’re writing 50 writing because it is 50 euros. and we press for approval. b for us to control screen will appear after checking the card number and value of approvals we call once more and place of payment.